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"​...I had not worked out in several years. She really took the time to help introduce me to Pilates and help me improve each week. I have gained strength and can now try other things."                                                                         Sue Brewster

  It has been the best fitness experience I've ever had...she's fun, always pushes you to try more, and is constantly changing up the exercises to keep things interesting... She tweaks her agenda to fit your needs...both my parents use pilates to keep fit, avoid back problems and maintain flexibility. My sister Abby conditions for tennis with pilates, and is currently #1 singles at her D-1 high school."                                                                                                      Jackie Wang

"It started out as post rehab for a car accident that I was in. Her expertise and patience helped strengthen me, as well as, help me achieve the body I want!"
                                                                                                           Jennifer Honeycutt
​"Kathi circulates amongst the participants giving each of us personal pointers. Her class is physically challenging. Yet you always leave with a sense of accomplishment."                                                                       Arlene Cunningham

"I know I am stronger and have much better posture because of Pilates. Thanks, Kathi!"                                                                                                Heather Rindels

Specializing in private and small group Pilates, Kettlebell and Personal Training.
Post rehab conditioning, correct posture and form, adapting for different abilities, 
teaching and motivating, keeping it fun and evolving, helping clients stay or become fit.
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